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The Magic Sleep Fairy Survival Guide to... Christmas

The first of a series of Magic Sleep Fairy Survival Guides.

Unlock the secrets to a stress-free and magical holiday season with The Magic Sleep Fairy Survival Guide to Christmas. This comprehensive ebook is your go-to manual for how to get your little ones sleeping consistently throughout the festive season and beyond.

Navigate the festive challenges and creating unforgettable moments for your little ones.

Inside this invaluable guide, you'll discover expert tips and advice on a variety of Christmas-related topics, ensuring that every aspect of the season is filled with joy and warmth. From adorning the Christmas tree to mastering the art of managing family gatherings, this guide is your trusted companion for making the most out of the holiday season - and getting through it as a well-rested family!


Special attention is given to the unique challenges faced by families with little ones on dietary restrictions and suffering from reflux. Learn how to create delicious and reflux-friendly holiday treats, ensuring that everyone at the table can enjoy a festive feast without compromising health. The Magic Sleep Fairy guide allows you to savor the holiday spirit without worry.

Embark on a stress-free journey as you explore the chapters dedicated to visiting Father Christmas. Find out how to turn this sometimes stressful tradition into a magical experience for your children, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you're a seasoned holiday enthusiast or a first-time parent and long-time Scrooge navigating the festivities, this guide is filled with actionable insights to help you create a magical and memorable holiday season for your family.


Let The Magic Sleep Fairy be your companion in turning this Christmas into a truly joyous celebration. Say goodbye to stress and appreciate the magic of Christmas for what it is - quality time with your family.

The Magic Sleep Fairy Survival Guide to... Christmas

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