The Magic Dummy Fairy

A method used by Alison Scott-Wright and loved by many families. The Magic Dummy Fairy is a hugely successful way of getting your little one to say goodbye to their dummy and feel good about themselves in doing so!

How it works:

Complete the form and place your order on the Magic Sleep Fairy website. You will receive an email with everything you need to prepare, whether it's print at home or the full posted package.

Once you're all ready, you’ll need to set aside an afternoon of fun! The includes a fun dummy hunt (more details are included in the kit!) and decorating a lovely card and envelope - ready to send off to a cute little animal who needs it!

It's off to your local post box. Their kind dummy donation will be rewarded with The Magic Sleep Fairy Kindness Certificate!

Card and Envelope

What's Included:

£29.99 inc P&P