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Give the gift of sleep

Sometimes the perfect gift isn't another toy or a novelty baby grow that will soon be outgrown. For those who have little ones who have reflux, 'colic' or sleep issues, why not give the gift of sleep. Through her books or direct consultations, Alison’s methods are tried and tested by thousands of parents who gratefully achieve peaceful nights and see the long-term positive results results, for years to come.

Consultation eVouchers

Whatever help they need with their baby, toddler or child  - whether its sleep, feeding or digestive issues or any colic / reflux or dietary related issue. Perhaps it’s guidance on weaning, getting rid of the dummy or advice on how to manage behavioural issues with toddlers or children. Allison can help resolve it all.


You may have successfully used this service yourself or know someone that has and feel passionate about helping other parents access the same support system, uniquely provided by Alison.

What better way to help your friends or family than by buying them a private consultation.

Whatever they need help with;

whether it’s sleep, feeding or reflux related with their babies.

Whether it’s weaning, getting rid of the dummy or behavioural issues with their older babies or toddlers - Alison can help resolve it all.

You can opt to buy consultations in 30 and 60 minute blocks.

We will email your voucher for you to print or email on. If you would like us to edit the text to include your message digitally, please email once you have made your purchase.



The ultimate gift to buy for someone special, would be to pay for them to benefit from Alison’s, hands-on expertise through a home visit.

Over the years many of Alison’s visits have been part or even fully funded by other family members and amazing friends.

"Recently, I was asked to go and see a truly desperate mum by one of my previous clients who had, herself, benefitted from a home visit in the past. My previous client happened to meet this other mum through an online reflux forum and they began chatting. My ex-client was so struck by such a distressing story that she felt impelled to provide the same help that she herself had found life-changing. She contacted Alison to arrange and pay for a 3-day visit. It was a huge success and another family's life had been completely turned around as their 5 month old stopped vomiting, was able to sleep through the night and another desperate situation fully resolved - all thanks to the humbling generosity of a Mum who knew the feeling of being 'on the edge' until Alison came to the rescue!"

Again you could opt to buy a gift of 24 hours or 48 hours. You can of course, buy in multiples to tailor a longer visit. eVouchers are sent via email address to be printed or forwarded to your recipient. If you would like us to edit the text on the voucher to include a special message, please email once you have made your purchase.


You can buy a signed, paperback copy of either book - or both as a package - to be sent as a gift to someone.

It may be a family member you want to help, a friend or an acquaintance who is expecting, has a young or older baby, toddler or child who you know would benefit from your gift of my book(s).

You can buy books individually or together in a special gift package with a personal message.

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